Business Disputes & Breach of Contract

Creating a business contract that avoids disputes in the first place is something all those who are running a business strive for. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to avoid all possibility of dispute and at times, a plain breach of contract may occur. At Marina Legal Group, PLLC a dedicated Dallas business lawyer has helped clients faced with business disputes resolve the matter as quickly as possible so they can focus on what is important: running their business and producing a successful product. If a dispute arises you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Don’t let a breach of contract or other dispute compromise your productivity and the bottom line of your company. We may be able to help!

Common Types of Contract Breaches

  • Business disputes: Both small and large companies can find themselves involved in contract disputes, such as disputes between businesses, partnership disputes, and breached operating agreements
  • Employment disputes: Workers and employers may take legal action to protect their rights and resolve disputes over terms of employment agreements, such as violations of non-compete agreements or severance agreements
  • Real estate disputes: Contracts are often breached during real estate transactions, especially for such reasons as a failure to disclose defects to the property or misrepresentation of some aspect of the sale

Why consult with a Dallas business lawyer?

There are many disagreements that can occur in the business world and it is best to resolve them quickly. A business disputes attorney on our team has represented businesses and companies in situations involving partnership disputes, contract dispute issues (such as those involving a non-compete agreement, non-disclosure, employment contracts or others), contract payment/collections, commercial real estate disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes and many more. A dispute can bring business productivity to a halt so it is crucial that you get the legal assistance you need right away so attention can return to where it belongs.

A skilled attorney from our team can assist you in addressing the necessary elements of a Cause of Action, which include:

  1. Proving the existence of a valid contract between the plaintiff and defendant
  2. Proving the plaintiff granted performance or was excused from performance
  3. Proving the defendant violated the terms of the contract
  4. Proving that the defendant’s breach caused the plaintiff to sustain serious damages

Whether it is a matter that can be handled through negotiation or requires litigation in court, we have the knowledge and skill to handle nearly any business legal situation. The last thing you need in trying to run a business is more stress, headaches, and expenses. See what a lawyer with us may be able to do to get your case rapidly resolved. Contact an attorney at our offices right away to see what we may be to do to protect your business!