Debt Collection

Does someone owe you money?

Are you owed money by past due accounts?  Have you sent multiple invoices to clients with no response or payment?  At Marina Legal Group, our lawyers focus on helping businesses who are suffering due to the failure to pay be a client or multiple clients that they may have.  We understand that few things can be more frustrating than a situation that appears out of your own control, but with a skilled business lawyer, you can hold these clients accountable for the money that you are owed.

Business / Commercial Collections

Out attorneys know that there is nothing more that you want than to see your business thrive, and so do we.  We can help you recover the debt that is owed to you by past due accounts and client who have failed to pay the money that they owe to you. We can assist in all areas of business debt collections.

  • Recovering Overdue Payments: There are a variety of legal tools and steps that can be taken to resolve overdue payments and recover debts in a timely manner. If persistent communications or attempts to contact the individual or company that has payments due to your business do not bring the results, it may be time for mediation or negotiation.  When these attempts fail to resolve a dispute over delinquent payments for goods or services, it may be necessary to apply more aggressive legal action.  A collection lawyer with our law firm has helped clients recover debts through pre-suit litigation, law suits and by obtaining judgments. Have a dedicated attorney looking out for your best interest in resolving a collections matter can free you up to do what is important – namely, running your business!
  • How can a business lawyer help my company? Businesses and commercial enterprises of all sizes often depend on the timely payment of invoices or bills after a produce has been finished and delivered or services rendered.  If your company is being dragged down by unpaid invoices, overdue accounts, and other such debt, you should speak with a knowledgeable business attorney as soon as possible about recovering those debts.  At Marina Legal Group we have represented clients in debt collection matters involving goods provided or services rendered in the following business industries: accounting, agriculture and farming, architecture, construction, engineering, entertainment, healthcare, home owners associations (HOA), landlord-tenant, real estate, restaurant and much more.  We are driven to providing excellent, personalized representation to businesses and companies with the aim of doing everything possible to help them thrive. Contact a business and commercial collections attorney at our law firm now to arrange an initial consultation. Don’t let unpaid invoices or accounts cripple your business.

Collection Overview

How does the collection process work? Let a business lawyer from our firm guide you and your business through the process of getting back the money that you are owed. We firmly believe in taking an aggressive approach towards the debts that are owed so that you can have the money that is rightfully yours in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • How can I collect on the debts I am owed? When it comes to collections, there are many methods a skilled lawyer can employ to recover outstanding debts.  A key factor is getting an early start in the collecting overdue invoices. Studies have shown that the more time that is allowed to pass, the harder it may be to recover the full amount due. Time is your enemy — contact an experienced attorney at our law firm to get started now.  We work quickly on our client’s behalf to resolve unpaid accounts or invoices through negotiation, mediation (in the case of a contract dispute or other business dispute) or through aggressive litigation if needed. In or out of court, we will work hard and relentlessly to try to obtain the best outcome possible for you.  Contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at Marina Legal Group to get the results you are looking for.
  • Collecting on your debts: When you need an attorney you can rely on to help you seek out your debts, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with a relentless drive. We will be able to review your case and determine which companies or individuals owe you money for the work you have done, and we will work day in and day out until we know we have helped your business successfully.  Our law firm has assisted numerous individuals and companies in recovering money owed, and we are educated and prepared to help you with your debt collection needs.  If you are owed money and you need immediate help recovering these funds, don’t wait any longer to contact our law firm to find out which legal options are available to you.

If your business is being impacted by unpaid invoices or accounts, contact a Dallas collections attorney with our law firm as soon as possible to find out more about how we may be able to recover debts owed to your business.