Lease Analysis Drafting and Negotiation

No matter your lease representation needs, a commercial and residential real estate lawyer at our firm may be able to help you obtain the outcome to the leasing process that you are looking for. Whether you are a business owner looking to lease a commercial property or are a commercial landlord trying to determine how best to protect your assets when leasing out a property, an attorney with us has the extensive knowledge of this area of law to help you with your goals in such a matter. We are driven to helping our clients through whatever business-related legal issue they are facing. Whether it’s a collections case, business dispute, construction law matter or a commercial landlord-tenant litigation case, we do everything possible to get results!

Why get the help of a Dallas real estate leasing lawyer?

No matter if it is a residential or commercial lease that you are concerned with, a real estate leasing attorney can help you make sense of this often complicated and overwhelming document. Our clients come to us, whether lessee or lessor, in the hopes of making sense of the complexities and making sure their best interests are protected by this important agreement. We analyze the terms of the lease and make sure the client understands what it means for them in regard to commercial landlord rights and responsibilities or that of the tenant’s.

A lawyer on our team carefully reviews the lease analyzing it for possible issues that might create a liability for the property owner or lessee. If the terms of a lease do not protect your interests fully or if the commitment is not being clearly and comprehensively communicated, we can negotiate on your behalf. Drafting a lease requires a great deal of legal expertise in the area of real estate and property law. Make sure you have the quality representation you need!

Contact a Dallas leasing attorney at Marina Legal Group as soon as possible to see how we may be able to provide representation for obtaining a lease agreement that works for you.